For many people, corn is a staple food that can not only fill the belly, but is a cultural norm. South and Central American food is often heavy on the corn because it is one of the best crops of the agricultural revolution in this part of the world. However, for many people, corn is considered to be a grain that is unhealthy for the human body. People who adhere to the strict Paleo diet are especially against using corn, but what is the reality?

cornAccording to many studies, there are a few things you should know about corn before you add too much into your diet. For one thing, corn is high in carbohydrate and calories. This is why it is such a successful crop. People traditionally needed to have a lot of calories from a little food, but we have a far too efficient system of creating food these days, which makes people consume too much.

Corn is not unhealthy or bad, but it is definitely not the best food that you can eat anymore. There is just too much corn these days and, unfortunately, we have been breeding corn to fit our desires for too long. This is causing humans to have higher yields and it causes worse results in the body.

To see what corn does to the body as opposed to vegetation, one only needs to look at the cow raising industry for beef. You will notice that the beef cows are far more fatty when they have been fed corn (which is a staple in the United States). When the beef is fed grass or is allowed to eat from the pasture, it is suddenly not so fatty. This is a huge concern for many people who are advocates of a healthier lifestyle.