Don’t wait to start planning your Holiday Parties.

Celebrate The Holidays With Inflatables

If you have been looking for the perfect way to add fun and surprise to a holiday party you can surprise all of your guests by getting jumper rentals. Jumper rentals and other inflatables make the perfect addition to any holiday party. They allow guests of all ages to have fun and enjoy themselves in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. No matter what the season maybe there are plenty of jumper rentals to fit any occasion. Here are some of the top holiday party ideas that you can try out.

#1) Fourth of July Water SlidesOne of the best holidays to celebrate with inflatables is the Fourth of July. This holiday is usually very hot in almost every area. The weather is warm enough for all guests to jump into their bathing suits and take a slide down a water slide.No matter how old or young your guests maybe they will have fun on this slide. You can get wet and cool off in the hot weather while playing with your friends and family. You and your guests are able to take the fun to the next level this Fourth of July.#2) Winter/ Christmas PartyWhen the weather gets cold we all know that Christmas and other winter holidays are coming up. If you are looking for the perfect holiday party ideas you can forget about the traditional ones. If you are looking to switch things up and throw a party that people will never forget you should consider renting inflatables during the winter months.Some of the best inflatables that you can rent during the winter months and use in your basement, garage, carport, or yard (if the weather permits) are moonwalk rentals and mechanical bull rentals. The moonwalk rentals and mechanical bull rentals are ideal for people of all ages.

While young children may not be able to ride the bull they could still use their imagination and pretend. Older children, teenagers, and adults will be able to have fun on these inflatables for hours. They will be able to capture moments and make memories that will never fade as everyone takes turns on these fun rides.
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#3) Memorial Day

Memorial Day is another holiday that is a cause for celebration. This holiday allows family and friends to get together to celebrate. While many people may celebrate with food and company there is nothing better than adding in some fun. Bounce houses, giant slides, and obstacle courses make the perfect addition to any Memorial Day party.

These inflatables can help ensure that everyone has a great time. Since the weather is typically a little unpredictable during Memorial Day you may not want to get water slides, but these alternatives are a great option. You can get one or all of these inflatables depending on the size of your party and the number of people that will be attending. You should have enough inflatables for people to be able to have fun together and not have to wait in line to have fun.

#4) New Year’s

Another great holiday that should always be celebrated is New Year’s Day. This holiday is a great and memorable holiday that brings families and friends together to celebrate the new year. On this day many people make a New Year’s resolution in which they make a goal for the New Year. One of the main goals that people choose to take on is to exercise more. Recent statistics show that more gym memberships are purchased in January than in any other month.

To help your guests get off on the right start you can encourage them to exercise as you unveil the inflatable that you got for the party. Inflatables are the perfect opportunity for guests of all ages to exercise and run around. No matter which type of inflatable you choose to rent you can ensure that your guests will be able to bounce, jump, slide, race, and have a blast with one another.

#5) Super Bowl Sunday and Other Sports

While many people may not classify the Super Bowl as a holiday, it is still celebrated and watched by over 100 million Americans each year. With everyone getting together to watch the game and have fun there are many ways to help increase the amount of fun at your next Super Bowl party.

If you want to give children, those who are not sports fans, and others who need a break from the game some excitement you can rent an inflatable. Inflatables provide the perfect opportunity for people of all ages to jump around and have fun. If you are serious about the game and do not want distractions this may also be a great tool to get children away from the television and having fun.